My mother

kens lite pen

Strolling back home

With my back pack and smiles drawn on my face

My hands swinging in fluky motion

And jumps and hops with my feet down the road
I took a long pause for what i saw

My home, my world, my mum

All burnt down, all gone

My smiling face now drawn in dismay
In deep nostalgia i grieve and hope to have you again

I’m only 10 to be my own mother and friend

You were my sunrise you were my blessing
My soul yearns for your deeds again

The kisses before bed time

The lullabies sung

The warmth of your embrace

I want it all back
So i sit on this prosaic ground

Reminiscing my sheepish smile

The smile that limns your love for me

I want you back

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Thursday Doors – First Responders

No Facilities

Simple red doors.

A few weeks ago, I passed a construction site in a neighboring town. It looked like they were improving a Veterans Memorial, and like a good little blogger, I thought maybe I should get some pictures for a Veterans Day post. With traffic behind me and not a lot of options, I made the last left turn before the bridge over the Connecticut River. I was familiar with the road I had turned onto, but not the side streets I would be using to make an elaborate U-Turn. That’s when I discovered a small slice of Door-heaven.

East Windsor, Connecticut has many historic buildings, including a historic mill, but I didn’t know much about the old buildings in the area known as Warehouse Point. According to “The History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor” this area and that name have been around for a very long…

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What the Duck?

Author Sarah Angleton

Sometime in the 1930s, hunting buddies Frank Schutt and Chip Barwick returned to Memphis, Tennessee from a weekend of duck hunting in Arkansas. Like many hunting trips, this one allegedly involved a good bit of whiskey and like many hunting buddies that have imbibed too much whiskey the pair came up with a rather absurd idea.

Upon their late night return to the Peabody Hotel where Schutt served as general manager, the two decided it would be hilarious to take their live decoy ducks and place them in the marble fountain in the middle of the lobby of the very swanky hotel.

duck fountain Mallard ducks, perfectly at home in the lobby of a swanky hotel.

Of course whiskey-soaked hunting buddies do eventually sober up and Schutt stepped into the lobby the next morning to assess the damage created by his tomfoolery. What he found were excited guests enamored by the presence…

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Why We All Need It’s A Wonderful Life

Needull in a haystack


The writer believes that the protagonist of this much loved American movie is quite anti-American. And that is a good thing.

As we watch this movie we are tempted to see ourselves and to feel validated. But this story is not about how wonderful we are, but how wonderful life is—it is not about us, it is about life. It is about how we should give thanks, even if the knobs on our staircases always fall off, and how, in the midst of giving thanks, we should give everything away, even to the point of seeming foolish. This is not a story about Christmas; it is a story about life. Life lived in connection with other people, giving, giving, giving to them of our time, our dreams, our money. It is also about receiving love and friendship, the richness of community, and, more than that, how wonderful it is to…

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