Hero cop stopped terror suspect’s NYC killing spree

NYPD Officer Ryan Nash was out on a routine call — to locate an emotionally disturbed person — when suddenly he came face to face with a terrorist committing the worst massacre in New York City in years.

Nash, 28, who is stationed in the 1st Precinct, stopped the killing spree by shooting Sayfullo Saipov near Stuyvesant High School at Chamber and West streets on Tuesday, police sources said.

Saipov shouted “Allahu akbar!” — Arabic for “God is great!” — after allegedly ramming a Home Depot rental pickup truck into people along a bike path, killing eight. He then whipped out two weapons — which turned out to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun — as he ran from his smashed truck.

Nash gave chase, drew his weapon and opened fire, bringing down the 29-year-old suspect before he could do any more harm, law enforcement sources said.

Nash, who lives in Medford, Long Island, was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he was treated for ringing in his ears.

The fast-acting cop has been on the job for more than five years with more than 50 arrests to his credit, sources said.

“A uniformed police officer . . . confronted the subject and shot him in the abdomen,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said.



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1944 ending / 1945 opening

Pacific Paratrooper

New Guinea and the Philippine Islands


Shortly before the invasion of Leyte began, the Joint Chiefs of Staff directed MacArthur to invade Luzon on December 20, 1944, thus settling the argument as to whether Luzon or Formosa should be the next object of attack. It was not expected that Luzon would be easily reclaimed, but it was believed that the conquest of Formosa would be much more difficult and might require as many as nine divisions, more than were then available in the Pacific area.

While construction of airfields on the muddy terrain of Leyte moved slowly forward, and while the fleet recovered from the Battle of Leyte Gulf, MacArthur decided to occupy the island of Mindoro, directly south of Luzon, for the construction of additional airfields.

The attack on Mindoro began on December 15 and the invasion of Luzon was rescheduled for January 9, 1945…

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