Happy Hallowe’en


As a necessary change of pace, I’m taking a day off from writing very much. In order to justify this decision, my reason is to celebrate Hallowe’en.

Yes, I bought a few bags of “Fun Size” candy bars for the little munchkins who will be begging for treats tonight. I even have a battery powered plastic jack o lantern. The stereo be looping J.S. Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor”–the most famous piece for organ in the world. The room lights will be low with red bulbs in the living room lamp sockets.

Mainly, though, I want to celebrate today in the true spirit of the holiday. It’s all about the original commemoration of Samhain, the ancient Celts, and the day that honors the end of the harvest season and the preparations for wintertime.

Even though I’m not a Pagan in the true meaning of the word, nor especially religious in…

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