9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule


9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule

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Corporate power is behind the politics of climate denial, Wall Street bailouts, union busting, and media consolidation, to name just a few. And policies advocated by the 1 percent are bankrupting the middle class. But real people have power, too. Here are some of their most successful strategies.

1. Amend the constitution to end corporate personhood.

Occupier photo by Joseph Holmes

Rights Are For Real People

Where the infamousCitizens UnitedSupreme Court decision came from and how to overturn it.

The People: Close-Ups from Zuccotti Park

Portraits of a nascent society.

Monopoly Illustration

Lobbyingโ€™s Big Payoff

For corporations, paying for policy is still the best investment around.

PLUS: โ€œThe most common way people give up their power is by thinking they donโ€™t have any.โ€
โ€”Alice Walker:Download the quote poster.

2. Dive into grassroots campaigns.

Ben Gotschall photo by Alex Matzke

A Boldโ€ฆ

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