Thistles with harvested field background


~ Prickly subjects ~

I overhear two women in bathroom,

“He’s a thorn in my Mom’s side.”

The other one, trying to placate

her says, “Such a shame how

Life changes people.”

I was left contemplating.

I couldn’t think of any

people in my life I

could label a “thorn,”

“pricker,” or thistle.

The first two seem so negative

but my children’s first favorite

characters were

Eeyore, Piglet,

and Winnie the Pooh.

(A.A.Milne’s “House at Pooh Corner”)

The first two characters would

indupitively munched on thistles,

but only Eeyore mentions them.

I think thorns on blackberry

bushes are well worth wearing

long sleeves and pants to enjoy

** buckets **
of free wild blackberries.

I have three grown children,

each were especially cute as babies.

Once they grew from toddlers to

school aged children, they

were a “handful!”

I used to call my middle child,

“Jamie is the thorn…

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