One-Liner Wednesday – Anybody Home?

No Facilities

As the days are getting cooler, the squirrels around here are more focused than ever on gathering nuts for their winter stash. Gathering involves foraging around the yard for acorns that have fallen from two oak trees in neighbors’ yards, picking through the Maple seeds and digging into pine cones. Gathering also means hitting the editor up for a donation. Some of the squirrels dance around the yard when she tosses some stuff out to them. Others, like the one we’ve named Sammy, are a little bolder.


“Excuse me, would you care to contribute to my feed-a-squirrel campaign?”

That photo was snapped as Maddie and I were leaving for our walk on Saturday. My wife was waiting for us to get out of sight, as she didn’t know what Maddie would do if she saw the front door open. The other photos in the gallery are from points during…

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