Mainland Attacks – East Coast

Pacific Paratrooper

German sub, U-215, underwater German sub, U-215, underwater

The photograph above is the German U-boat U-215, first discovered in July 2004 off of Nova Scotia, Canada’s southern coast. This boat was credited with sinking the USS ‘Alexander Macomb.’ From 1939 until V-E Day, Canada’s Atlantic coast ports were extremely important to the resupply effort for the United Kingdom and later for the combined Allied offensive. There were frequent attacks by the German U-boats on the departing ships, especially after the United States entered the war. The submarines started battling along the east coast and the gulf from early 1942 through to the end of the shipping season of 1944. The American coast was an easy target for the enemy U-boats after Germany declared war on the U.S. Until the blackouts were enforced in May 1942, shipping vessels were silhouetted against such major towns as Atlantic City. This caused 348 ships to be sunk from…

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