The little cats have discovered that milking time means free hot milk. Guess-what!-004Guess-what!-008Guess-what!-021

So now there is a full crew of cats perched on beams and doors and gates all over the barn,  waiting patiently for the pump to turn off when they silently converge on the milking room.

Guess what Aunty is up to?  I will call her so you can see for yourself. Guess-what!-023

Aunty!? Where are you Aunty Del? Guess-what!-027

There you are, Aunty.  What is going on with you Aunty. You have been behaving differently lately.  Though I can’t quite put my finger on it until I saw this.


Hmm. Are you pregnant Aunty? I think maybe you might be.

Do you see dear reader? Her udder is dropping and one side of her belly is dropping too. Though she did not look pregnant last week – Carlos’s babies are so small I have had very little warning of any…

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