Ghosts: How Do We Perceive Ghosts?

Book 'Em, Jan O

Barry Taff, a noted parapsychologist (with a doctorate in psychophysiology and a minor in biochemical engineering), asked a pertinent question during a documentary about ghosts.  He wondered whether, when we see a ghost, we are actually seeing something through our eyes and optic nerves – or whether something “directly stimulates the brain of the observer to impose an image on it.  We don’t know.”

This is a great question.  How indeed?  Think about it.  It’s not so easy to say or prove either way.

Taff also makes the point that ghosts are notoriously difficult to record with equipment, that when one is set up in one place, they will manifest in the next room over, etc.  A filmmaker who worked on the documentary (I’m sorry I can’t remember which one) discussed a few cases – when the ghost was mentioned, the lights would turn off (and batteries would wear down…

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