‘Sunnyside’ a South Carolina tribute to Washington Irving

I always thought he was only in Tarrytown,NY

The Cotton Boll Conspiracy

Not long ago this blog featured the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Charleston, an antebellum structure whose designers were inspired by illustrations from Washington Irving’s work Tales of the Alhambra.

Apparently Irving’s influence was of considerable significance in 19th century America. In Greenwood, SC, 180 miles northwest of Charleston, sits Sunnyside, an 1851 house employing an unusual blend of Gothic Revival and Greek Revival styles of architecture. Tradition holds that both name and style were borrowed from Irving’s Hudson River Valley home.

Sunnyside is a one-and-a-half story structure with flush board siding covering the front façade and weatherboard siding covering the remainder of the house.

Sunnyside is essentially Gothic Revival in style, featuring a gabled roof and dormers with scalloped bargeboard. However, there are Greek Revival elements, including the portico covering the front façade and the heavy proportions of the interior details.  There are two compound interior chimneys…

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Quiet Canoe Launch at Stillwater in the Adirondacks

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Getting ready to launch our canoes at Stillwater Reservoir in the Adirondacks, we survey the area.  It is calm and quiet water here in this bay in the Western part of the Adirondacks.  The shoreline is sandy and clear of most rocks and the fall color is starting to show. The air and water temperatures are in the 40-50’s and it has been raining but we go out and really enjoy it anyway.  Our group of paddlers is the Chapter One segment of the WCHA (Wooden Canoe Heritage Association).  There are about 20 of us out paddling canoes, kayaks and two Adirondack Guideboats.

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Home Run

Images from Finchley

Sitting in the cab at Kraków and reviewing the company log, I can see that it’s time to head home to France. The log tells me that by the time I get there I will have the €180k that I need for the garage upgrade and around a €30k buffer to protect against accidents. You’ll notice that I’ve reduced the amount of buffer from what I’ve advised earlier. I’ve been writing this series as a play through for the totally inexperienced player starting out in Euro Truck and I hope that by now the reader will have built up the necessary skills and knowledge of the game’s foibles to avoid a disaster.

Checking out the available loads one hauling 12t of beans south to Banska Bystrica catches my eye. That’s sort of the way I need to go to pick up the routes across Austria / Southern Germany. It’s not…

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Thank you, Profession.

Author: Sadaf Siddiqi

Thank you, just two simple words which can make a person feel good, but many people find it so difficult to use it in their daily lives. Some even believe that saying thank you or sorry can spoil friendships, it’s logically unjustified. Thank you or sorry, can never spoil things, they can certainly make things better.

What’s a thank you, profession?

Screenshot_2017-10-05-09-50-29-1-1Well, any profession where you exhibit zeal, give your 100% effort, and in turn is made to feel appreciated, is a thank you, profession. It can be any profession especially the noble professions, like teaching, nursing, medicine, home making (mothers surely deserve a thank you).

Professions dealing with human resources hold greater chance of giving immense satisfaction and appreciation, than those dealing with non-human resources like computer and file work. The reason why- teachers, mothers, doctors, nurses feel the joy of serving and receiving thank you.

images (2)-1Being an educator…

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