Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy

Images from Finchley

I’m always Happy when watching Trains, photographing Trains, travelling on Trains. Looks like this young man is too…Taken at Estacio de Franca, Barcelona.

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Moon over morning fog


My oldest daughter

driving to work

sent this to me,

It was last week ~

Full hunter moon.

Harvest Moon.

Her husband was behind

the wheel, just in case

you were worried!

This is a foggy morning.

Hope you have a mysterious

or mystical Friday the 13th. . .


“The home gardener is

part scientist,

part artist,

part philosopher,

part ploughman.”

~ John R. Whiting,

American garden writer

(1914 – 1998)

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What I Really Want

A Blog or Two

Don’t you really know what you want? Or you actually know, yet you can’t afford?

Many times, I have been asked about what I really want to be, and if I can remember correctly, each time, I answered “I do not know.” But little do they know, that what my answer was a white lie. It could be true, though, for some people to not know what they really want to or to do, because there are a couple of things they want to do they end up being unable to start one thing. But for me, I actually know what I want. I want to say I want to be a cook.  I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to land a job I can do at home because I find traveling from home to work a time-wasted. I started my blog to express my personal thoughts but as…

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