Epilepsy Took Away My Sister’s Dream

Cheche Winnie

She comforted and promised to write me letters while away since I was being enrolled to a boarding school while she was lucky to remain in day school. It was our first time to be in different schools and that was my last day to see my sister “normal”.

She was naturally bright and didn’t need to do much of reading like us for her great grades. She is funny, loving, empathetic, beautiful, genius, just to name a few. Everyone loved her from the teachers, workers, students and neighbors. She has always been my rock and best friend.

She loves watching airplanes especially at night and will always drag someone with her to enjoy the beautiful sight. She also loved studying stars and identify different moon shapes. We ended up spending most of the nights admiring the skies and counting falling stars. Her dream was to be a pilot someday…

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