Comments, and new followers


Sorry. It’s another of those posts about more annoying trends in blog comments, and new ‘followers’.

Over the weekend, I was pleased to attract quite a few new followers to this blog. However, most of them had no linked blog themselves, or just the ubiquitous blank page. I have given up wondering why they do this, or seeking to offer them advice on not doing it, and have concluded that they are just Spammers, by other means.

Along with these, I did get a few genuine followers too. Bloggers with new sites that already included content, and some with well-established sites that were undoubtedly active. I was grateful to them, and left comments on their blog posts in return, as well as my thanks to them, for following my humble blog.

This weekend also saw the proliferation of a new ‘trick’, one that has been growing steadily over the past…

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