Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business

Say Bookkeeping!


Millions of small business owners struggle to complete their bookkeeping on a monthly basis, and for many of them, it is an unwelcome chore. Most people aren’t “accounting” or “financially” focused people, and most small business owners would much rather spend their time doing the fun part of their business which is providing the service or selling the product they went into business for.

So here are some bookkeeping and accounting basics which will help set you up for success:

  1. Software – QuickBooks Online is my favorite software to recommend for small businesses. Not only is it intuitive and easy to use, it’s a cloud based application which gives you access to your financial data from anywhere. Also, the software is scalable so you can upgrade the software between 3 different tiers as your business grows. Start with the basic version, and upgrade to more robust versions as you need…

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Poverty Is The Worst Form Of Violence


Today, I’m going to reflect upon a subject about which most of us feel extreme discomfort.  It’s a subject that we’d rather put on hold so we can think more upbeat, “positive” thoughts.  It’s a subject that involves many disturbing aspects of how humanity creates and maintains today’s version of civilization.  It’s a subject that I can only glimpse at briefly in this post.  It’s a subject of which I only had short, real-life experiences.


Mohandas K. Gandhi said, “Poverty is the worst form of violence.” The statement begs analysis.

Overall, poverty has political causes in as much as famine is a human caused problem.  Left to our own devices, we people can find a way to not only survive, but to thrive.  I posit that people wish to improve their living situations, but we sometimes suffer setbacks due to variables in weather and resource availability. We still maintain the…

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Comments, and new followers


Sorry. It’s another of those posts about more annoying trends in blog comments, and new ‘followers’.

Over the weekend, I was pleased to attract quite a few new followers to this blog. However, most of them had no linked blog themselves, or just the ubiquitous blank page. I have given up wondering why they do this, or seeking to offer them advice on not doing it, and have concluded that they are just Spammers, by other means.

Along with these, I did get a few genuine followers too. Bloggers with new sites that already included content, and some with well-established sites that were undoubtedly active. I was grateful to them, and left comments on their blog posts in return, as well as my thanks to them, for following my humble blog.

This weekend also saw the proliferation of a new ‘trick’, one that has been growing steadily over the past…

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Pacific Paratrooper

Courtesy of Courtesy of “The Voice of the Angels.”

As we venture back to the past for the Pacific War, there will continue to be eye-witness stories, the Farewell Salutes, occasionally a homeland episode and military humor.  I may not supply all the resources for my posts, since as many as 5 or 6 may be used to verify the information of any given post.  My bibliography has grown to 6 pages long and has not even been updated lately; also my own library has grown considerably since I first chronicled the war.

I will be re-blogging  some of my own posts from the Archives – updated since they were first published.  This entire site is dedicated to my father, Everett A. Smith, aka “Smitty”, who served in the Headquarters Company/187th Regiment/11th Airborne Division in the Pacific during WWII and the 11th A/B as a whole; therefore it is only right that…

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