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Camel Walk dance poster 1920sWednesday, September 20, 2017

Welcome back to Jazz Age Wednesdays.  I’m still celebrating the release of Murder at the Bijou — Three Ingredients I .

For this weekly feature my intention was to make things easy for myself by re-sharing short stories I had already written.  However, to day I’m posting an all new vignette. It’s another hump day so my “thing” to create this story was, of course, camel

In the time-line of the Pip-verse, this story falls between the two books.  Paisley Idelle Peabody, aka Pip, has just arrived in Savannah, Georgia.  She is late meeting her grandmother, but you saw the reason for that last week.   (Just a note — While this vignette happens immediately after “Pip Arrives in Savannah,” the other stories for Jazz Age Wednesdays are not in any particular order.  It is not a serial, so one doesn’t necessarily follow the next…)

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Café of Nerves

Writers Envy

In the café, two tables away sat the woman
Of my dreams, occupied reading a book;
Silhouette in black, turning dog-eared leaves;
I noted the dip of Cupid’s Bow,
The gentle curve of her nose;
The graceful line of her neck made
My pulse beat double-quick;
Leaning in, one elbow on the table,
She lifted her coffee cup.

I felt his eyes as I sipped my coffee;
I’ve felt men look me over often enough,
Then checking the bulge in their wallets
To see if I’m worth the trouble;
Some take the ring from their finger,
Some moisten their lips with their tongue;
Invariably, I’m left disappointed,
Disgusted, turned off, nauseated;
But I couldn’t stop myself glancing at him,
And then I couldn’t help smiling.

When she pressed her lips to the cup,
Her eyes met mine for a moment that
Burned itself into my mind;
She blinked and her…

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11th Airborne Division and 187th Regiment

Pacific Paratrooper


As many of you know, this site is dedicated to my father Everett “Smitty” Smith, the 187th Regiment and the 11th Airborne Division as a whole. It is with this in mind that I am continuing the posts into the Korean War era and will then return to the very beginning of WWII, Pacific Theater.

1943 Camp MacKall Yearbook 1943 Camp MacKall Yearbook

The entire 11th A/B wrapped up their obligations in Japan for the occupation as of January 1949 with most of the 187th Regiment boarding the General Hersey for transport on 19 February. They docked in New Orleans, LA on 17 March and began heading to their new home at Camp Campbell, Kentucky. General Swing had remained their commander until January 1948 and in May 1949 they were under Brigadier General Lemel Mathewson and the 188th Regiment was deactivated. The 187th was reorganized and designated as the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment, with…

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By the Mighty Mumford

Little short line railroads like,

The Arcade and Attica spiked…

My interest

In economics,

Survival of this little pike!

They run excursion sales,

hauling freight on the same rails…

Grain and feed

Chemical needs,

New business when another fails.

Steam engines for many years

Kept revenues from arrears…

More freight came aboard

Maybe soon they’d afford,

To fix up a steamer to cheers!**

The train itself is a pleasure,

Without steam it does hold a measure…

Of rider return

Their satisfaction earned,

This line is a regional treasure!

–Jonathan Caswell

**IN FACT…check out on You Tube, the 100th Anniversary of the A&A,s start of operations–featuring newly restored 2-8-0 steamer #18!  filmed on 5/27/17!  Great sight!!!

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