Another Blog Post?

No Facilities

“What? You published another blog post?

Yes, but a short one.

Today is the second time I’ve published six blog posts in a row. It’s really not my style, and Maddie thinks I need to spend more time walking, sitting or lying on the couch with her.

So, I’m going to skip the usual, kinda-sorta-somewhat-serious thing that I try to do on Mondays, and just share some photos of Maddie and some of her friends from our yard.

I’ll see you Wednesday, with a One-Liner, and Thursday with some doors. Saturday, I’ll either be at the bar, or I’ll let the voices try another SoCS prompt. Maybe I’ll let the voices go to the bar, that’s always fun, until they mess up the tense or who’s speaking to whom, and I have to step in and edit. Then Linda hits the ‘Smite’ button.

Thank you so much for reading (and…

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