Little Bridge, New Kensington, Pennsylvania

Now you need a “GARDEN RAILROAD”

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Little Bridge at Memorial Park New Kensington PennsylvaniaThis  is  a  little  bridge  at  the  Memorial  Park  in  New  Kensington,  Pennsylvania.

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Recording of “The Loneliness of the Last”

O at the Edges

The Loneliness of the Last

Always exposed, never sharing the comfort
of between, you see only the departed

diminishing with each second’s passage, blurring,
shrinking, and finally blinking out, all points

erased in the null, an eye closing in the tunnel.
Or, inhaling the fragrance of an unseen orange

grove filtered through coal and thick, black
coils, you accept the limits of possibility,

known only by edges flowing past, lost
to touch and forever beyond reach in the draft

of the inadmissible. Departure defines
you. What lies ahead is not yours to embrace.

* * *

“The Loneliness of the Last” was published as a mini-broadside by ELJ Editions in February 2017.


“Trem Abandonado” by Rafael Vianna Croffi

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Another Blog Post?

No Facilities

“What? You published another blog post?

Yes, but a short one.

Today is the second time I’ve published six blog posts in a row. It’s really not my style, and Maddie thinks I need to spend more time walking, sitting or lying on the couch with her.

So, I’m going to skip the usual, kinda-sorta-somewhat-serious thing that I try to do on Mondays, and just share some photos of Maddie and some of her friends from our yard.

I’ll see you Wednesday, with a One-Liner, and Thursday with some doors. Saturday, I’ll either be at the bar, or I’ll let the voices try another SoCS prompt. Maybe I’ll let the voices go to the bar, that’s always fun, until they mess up the tense or who’s speaking to whom, and I have to step in and edit. Then Linda hits the ‘Smite’ button.

Thank you so much for reading (and…

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Home Front – Troop Train Redux

That is a great job of putting that show together!!!!!

Pacific Paratrooper

Pennsylvania railroad ad

From Penney Vanderbilt…..

Although I write many articles on scheduled train travel, I’m really much more interested in special movements (Presidential specials, circus trains and the like). One type of special movement important throughout American rail history has been troop trains. The first war in which trains were used to carry Americans to battle was the Mexican War in 1846. Trains were first used on a large scale to transport armies in the Civil War. Extensive use of trains to carry troops occurred in both World Wars. These trains were referred to by railroad personnel as “mains”.

Equipment on board

Between 1941 and 1945 almost all American soldiers rode a train at some point (over 40 million military personnel). In addition, military personnel on leave as well as POW’s rode the rails. During this period, railroads committed on average a quarter of their coaches and half their…

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