Happy Hallowe’en


As a necessary change of pace, I’m taking a day off from writing very much. In order to justify this decision, my reason is to celebrate Hallowe’en.

Yes, I bought a few bags of “Fun Size” candy bars for the little munchkins who will be begging for treats tonight. I even have a battery powered plastic jack o lantern. The stereo be looping J.S. Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor”–the most famous piece for organ in the world. The room lights will be low with red bulbs in the living room lamp sockets.

Mainly, though, I want to celebrate today in the true spirit of the holiday. It’s all about the original commemoration of Samhain, the ancient Celts, and the day that honors the end of the harvest season and the preparations for wintertime.

Even though I’m not a Pagan in the true meaning of the word, nor especially religious in…

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Ghosts: The Ghost on Lincoln Avenue — Tales of a Family

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, here’s a first-hand account of experiences living in a haunted house in the Bay Area, from Ann Marie Bryant’s excellent blog, Tales Of A Family!  Don’t miss this one – it’s the real deal!

Laughter behind closed doors sent shivers, and when explored, opened doors would not always close, no matter how hard we pushed on them. While living on the small island nestled in the San Francisco Bay, I often overheard bizarre tales of supernatural events that took place in some of the Victorian homes around Alameda. As […]

via The Ghost on Lincoln Avenue — Tales of a Family

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Halloween Hooligans

Images from Finchley

Today Transportes Martin (US) got into the Halloween spirit. Normal driving standards were cast to the four winds as Rolled Gold, Angel and Nightshade went out to trick or treat! Rolled Gold started the fun by delivering a load of mouldy cheese to Walmart while dressed up in a pumpkin paint job…Then Angel shed her inhibitions and became a dark angel ‘Straight Out of Hell’ to flour bomb Fresno……and deliver some electronics of a dubious nature (you’ve all seen the movie) to Oxnard…All the time we were engaging with the ai drivers who entered into the spirit of the day by being even more crazy than normal! The Blue Meanies……hit us with volleys of speeding and running stop light fines so they obviously didn’t get with the programme 😦
Nightshade picked up the Sugar Plum run delivering a load of Trick or Treat Candy to Las…

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Happy Halloween 2017


Happy Halloween to all my fellow bloggers, followers and all the brands that I have worked with.

Trick or Treat, well for me it was a Treat, as I was a lucky Competition Winner of a free bar tab at my local pub. Lots of creepy cocktails and fun was had by all, I hope you all have a Spooktacular time and have a Scream too.

Melanie 😊 xx

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FBI probes shady Puerto Rico power contract

The FBI has launched an investigation into a $300 million contract awarded to a tiny Montana electric company to ​help rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid after the island was decimated by Hurricane Maria, it was reported on Monday.

Agents with the bureau’s San Juan office are looking into the agreement signed between the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority​ and Whitefish Energy Holdings, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Questions about the deal emerged last week when the Washington Post reported that Whitefish, which is based in the hometown of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, won a no-bid contract with PREPA even though it only had two employees when Maria made landfall on Sept. 20.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello on Sunday said that he was canceling the deal.

About 70 percent of the island is still without power after the hurricane.

Whitefish, did not comment about the FBI probe, but said it was “disappointed” the deal had been canceled, saying it would delay resorting power on the US commonwealth.

No Turn Signal Zombies

Simple Living Over 50

It is not unusual several times each day to be driving and notice someone making a turn without using a turn signal. To most people this is not something that would typically send them over the edge, but I see through the eyes of the driver committing the offense as one who cares very little about others around him or her. To simply reach over with a finger to turn on a right or left turn signal to let people behind them know they are turning is both a simple curtesy and actually a law. So what is it that exists in the hearts of these driving zombies that compels them to not think about others sharing the road with them. They took the same driving test that all of us have taken and know that they must signal when turning yet they refuse to do it. This should be…

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