John T. Collinson Parlor Car, Baltimore, Maryland

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John T Collinson Parlor Car Baltimore MarylandThis  is  the  John  T.  Collinson  Parlor  Car  on  display  at  the  Baltimore  and  Ohio  Railroad  Museum  in  Baltimore,  Maryland.

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Ghosts: Was It A Ghost, or Something Else?

Book 'Em, Jan O

This month, I facilitated an online seminar about the spirituality of the ghost story.  Something came  up that’s worth sharing here, because it ties in so well with our conversation about ghosts.

One story (The Lawn Jockey, from my book Death Be Not Loud) was about a small statue which appears to be evil and which gradually gains power over its owner.  In reviewing this story, one of the very clever participants opined that the lawn figure in the story wasn’t a ghost, but instead, the repressed nature of the character who purchased it and was drawn to it.

This resonated for me in terms of our ongoing discussion here about ghosts. I’ve talked about ghosts as dysfunctions – what a great example!

In the abovementioned story, each time the main character is injured or harmed, the statue/monster gains strength.  A very interesting  juxtaposition, no?

If you think in terms…

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Thursday’s Doors ~ the Lutheran rectory


This rectory is made of old stone,

must have been here for over

a century. Actually, history

of the church lists its age

as 191 years old.

It is located at ~

28 East William Street,

Delaware, Ohio.

This rectory is

next door to St.Mark’s

Lutheran Church.

The church has 70’s look

with turquoise and cream details.

This rectory door is part of a

collection of doors posted

every Thursday on a

founder and friend’s

blog who is on a break:

When you stop by, please tell

Norm Frampton who sent you!

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