Ghosts:  Roadside Apparitions

Book 'Em, Jan O

    The hitchhiker is a ghost which appears by the side of the highway, looking for a ride.  In some reports, the ghost is picked up and then vanishes from the car.  In some, ghost is dropped off and it is only later discovered that it wasn’t a living person. There are many accounts of hitchhiking ghosts at crossroads and outside of cemeteries.  One I’ve run across often is the ghost of a young lady, dressed for a dance, who is at the side of the road and then disappears when witnesses get to the spot, or after the person stops the car.

    This story and its variations are so frequently related that it may well be a kind of Jungian symbol or archetype, drawn from the universal unconscious.  They are certainly a kind of modern urban legend.  Because of the frequency of these sightings (whether actual ghosts…

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