One-Liner Wednesday – Two To Go

Sounds like fun!

No Facilities

After polishing off an order of Tater-Tots at the Big-E, Faith and I were looking for something to wash them down. We were walking past one of the bar tents, when Faith noticed that they had Bloody Marys on the menu. We thought about it, but we didn’t want to delay our arrival at the New Hampshire building and the pie it was holding. I stepped inside to ask if alcohol had to be consumed in the tent (common requirement at a lot of fairs).

Nope, I can pour it into a to-go cup for you!

$24 later (yikes) we had two Bloody Marys, and we were on our way to pie. The drinks weren’t as good as the ones Cheryl makes, but it was already getting hot, and they did hit the spot.

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