Which would you rather be: A crow or an elephant?


I have an absolutely fabulous memory. I can remember exactly what someone told me ten years ago in a conversation. I can certainly remember quite well what I was told last week. Well, unless I chose to forget it. I kid.  I will admit I don’t remember people’s names. And there is a perfectly reasonable, psychological reason for that.   I honestly don’t try very hard to remember names of people when I first meet them.  Its not information that I feel needs to take up valuable real estate space in my memory bank.  while I may not remember names at first, I do remember tidbits about people. I remember birthdays, pets, trips and children of people. Thus, with all my sharp memory capacities, I have frequently thought of myself like an elephant.

Supposedly, an elephant never forgets or so goes the popular culture view. Apparently, they have horrible…

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