Artsy flower with wasp inside


This may seem a little blurry,

but as I dove into this pink

scented tunnel, I was enchanted.

There was a buzzing sound. . .


Was this of my own making?

I have had someone tell me,

I’m a little bit crazy.

Who are they to

know what



I’ve  gotten 

myself  into?

If you flew “in my

skin” maybe you 

would be somewhat 

of a lunatic, too.


This flower was sending me

signals, the erratic, tipsy

wasp made me look deep

inside. I was glad he or

she was not disturbed

because the photo

isn’t worth being

stung for!


Georgia O’Keefe was

an original artist,

her sensuous

flowers to


Red Canna Lilies

series silky, vibrant

and sumptuous in

red, orange and yellow.

She lived from 

November 15, 1887

through till 98 years old,

passing away on March 6, 1986.

She is considered “Mother of

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One thought on “Artsy flower with wasp inside”

  1. Dear Penney, thank you for reblogging this post! 💐
    Maybe art isn’t as popular as I thought. I hope someone stops by who is new to your blog and say, “Hey, this is different.” 😀


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