We Have Enough Mean – What’s Nice?

Places like the Big E are disappearing. Hope Big E lasts forever!

No Facilities

Mmmmm Piiiiiiiiieeee – Thanks New Hampshire.

Saturday, Faith and I went to The Big-E – The Great New England Fair. The Big-E is a harvest fair, an old-time agricultural fair. It’s supposed to be cool and breezy, with fair food and maybe a cup of hot chocolate, if you’re there very early or still there very late. It’s not supposed to be 90°f (32.2°c). We got there just before the big attractions, like the buildings on the Avenue of the States opened. When we got to the ticket window, there was only one person ahead of us. I tried to claim a senior discount, but alas, seniors have to go Monday – Thursday if they want to be special. Oh well, it’s not like $3 buys anything in the fair, anyway.

As soon as we entered, Faith asked “what is it about fairs that makes you hungry for food…

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