4 thoughts on “BILLIE HOLIDAY”

  1. Penny, the link you sent me was what WP calls a ‘page’ and it can not be re-blogged. Do you have time to copy and paste the top portion of the Troop Trains article, say on this type post here?


  2. WordPress did a great thing when they used the “blog post” as the basis for their “web page”. They work well together. They are adding many of the features of the “blog post” to the “web page”. Few months ago they added the “featured image”. I had the opposite problem: owned two older “web sites” and Google told me they were going to “go away” in the listings and rankings because they were not “remote user friendly”. Did not know anything about blogging but decided that web pages and blogs work together. Both EASY technology, especially for me. Add in interface with “social media” and rankings are HIGHER.


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