Printing History: Augustus Applegath

Roger Bussey

Applegath Bank Note Print Applegath Printed – Bank Note

Augustus Applegath was born on the 17th June 1788 in the Parish of Stepney in East London.  His father was a sea captain, who worked for the East India Company.

From an early age, Applegath showed an interest in that of finding out how things worked, which would lead him to become an inventor in his time.

He will be remembered, for an invention, the brainchild between himself and his brother-in-law creating a double-sided printing press, known as the “Applegath and Cowper Royal.”

Applegath caught the attention of the “Bank of England,” and in 1818 they allowed him to print £1.00 and £5.00 forgery proof notes.  Millions of £1.00 notes were printed, but none were released to the general public.  The idea being that paper as a medium had been used and that William Bawtree of the Bank could produce reasonable copies, even in…

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