Survived Hurricane Carorgory 4 Irma☁️Sept 11 2017☁️Yes I am Alive, Thank you

Celestial Priestess's Fourth Density Journal

#Monday Sept 11 2017☁️Yes I am ok. Survived Hurricane Category 4 Irma. We were lucky in Miami it came by through the West, otherwise, it would of been worse. 24 hr+ hitting us with Jet-like pressure and it got to the point people, including myself started opening the door and walking outside due to cabin fever. It was so big it lasted more then 24 hrs. I am flying out on the next hurricane. It’s so stressful to deal with one. I hope and pray everyone in the area is doing good. I have no electricity, but internet. The area has barely no damage thankfully.☁️We now have the threat of Jose who is Category 3 h.a.r.r.p.i.n.g it’s way in a circle because “they” can’t decide where they are going to send it. Maybe to NY, if they see they have done significant damage here in Florida.

They already played with…

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