10 Essential Content Marketing Tools

Alexis Chateau PR

The public relations mantra of 2017?

Content is king.

Whether it’s a viral video, hilarious meme, or informative article, when it comes to public relations, content is always the main focus.

This comes from the fact that blatant ads don’t enjoy the reach they once did. Many cable customers have switched to Hulu and Netflix. Even YouTube users escape ads by uploading and watching videos on Facebook instead.

Got a flashy banner on NY Times or Huffington Post? Most millennials won’t even notice it’s there. Such is the nature of our ability to tune out all the thousands of ads we’re bombarded with online and off every single day.

In time, companies learn that in order to attract customers’ attention, they first have to create content consumers want to see, and then market that content to reach a wider audience. Here are 10 content marketing tools to help make that…

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