Mine Car, Ashland, Pennsylvania

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Car Full of Coal Ashland PennsylvaniaThis  is  a  mine  car  full  of  coal  at  the  Pioneer  Tunnel in  Ashland,  Pennsylvania.

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French Healthcare in 1854

Windows into History

hoteldieuSnippets 134.  The oldest hospital in Paris is the Hotel-Dieu, founded in 651. Visiting the hospital in 1854, the American Rev. George Foxcroft Haskins was extremely impressed with what he found, and compared it favourably with American health care at the time. He wrote about his experiences in Travels in England, France, Italy and Ireland, published in 1856.

A poor man, of whatever country or creed, is taken sick in Paris. When notice is given, he is placed on a litter and taken to the door of the hospital. He is immediately received and examined by one of the resident physicians, and by him ordered to be washed and properly dressed, and then placed in a ward designated by him. These wards are models of cleanliness and ventilation. He is committed to the care of a Sister of Charity, who becomes to him at once a mother, lavishing…

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10 Essential Content Marketing Tools

Alexis Chateau PR

The public relations mantra of 2017?

Content is king.

Whether it’s a viral video, hilarious meme, or informative article, when it comes to public relations, content is always the main focus.

This comes from the fact that blatant ads don’t enjoy the reach they once did. Many cable customers have switched to Hulu and Netflix. Even YouTube users escape ads by uploading and watching videos on Facebook instead.

Got a flashy banner on NY Times or Huffington Post? Most millennials won’t even notice it’s there. Such is the nature of our ability to tune out all the thousands of ads we’re bombarded with online and off every single day.

In time, companies learn that in order to attract customers’ attention, they first have to create content consumers want to see, and then market that content to reach a wider audience. Here are 10 content marketing tools to help make that…

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Happy Birthday Bridge!

Yes old bridges are fascinating! My favorite is the Livingston Avenue Bridge in Albany. Started when Lincoln was president.

No Facilities

A nice find by the editor

In June, my wife clipped an article out of the paper for me. She knows me pretty well, and despite the fact that I almost never go back out on a weeknight, I think she knew I’d be making a trip on this day. I also think she knew she wouldn’t need to feed me before I left.

The bridge that’s celebrating a birthday is a 150-year-old stone railroad bridge. Stone. Bridge. Railroad. River. Oh my goodness, how does the subject get any better for Dan? Answer: the bridge is next to Bart’s Hotdog Stand. And, let’s add some history! Not look-it-up-inna-book history. Not find-out-what-the-google-says history. Real history. The kind of history that includes more than a few: “I’ve heard” and “townspeople say” facts. Facts that are unvetted, colorful, enhanced-over-time, you-can’t-deny-it-cuz-the-bridge-is-still-standing facts!

But wait, there’s more – there’s cake!

I drive by The Windsor…

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Survived Hurricane Carorgory 4 Irma☁️Sept 11 2017☁️Yes I am Alive, Thank you

Celestial Priestess's Fourth Density Journal

#Monday Sept 11 2017☁️Yes I am ok. Survived Hurricane Category 4 Irma. We were lucky in Miami it came by through the West, otherwise, it would of been worse. 24 hr+ hitting us with Jet-like pressure and it got to the point people, including myself started opening the door and walking outside due to cabin fever. It was so big it lasted more then 24 hrs. I am flying out on the next hurricane. It’s so stressful to deal with one. I hope and pray everyone in the area is doing good. I have no electricity, but internet. The area has barely no damage thankfully.☁️We now have the threat of Jose who is Category 3 h.a.r.r.p.i.n.g it’s way in a circle because “they” can’t decide where they are going to send it. Maybe to NY, if they see they have done significant damage here in Florida.

They already played with…

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Alone in a crowd

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Feeling absolutely lonely
with hundreds around
Unspeakable conversations
Forgetful sounds
Life could have been better
if lived as a hermit
Jungles, dark deserts
No pretence, no permit
Animals real friends
Trees companions true
Winds carry wishes
Earth protecting you


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