Beta Readers, The Do’s and Don’ts

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Hey Jim,

I swear I don’t stalk your blog. It is just refreshing to see a familiar face everyday. (Someone that posts consistently)
Maybe you have done a segment on this..
What is your take on Beta readers? How do you find a Beta reader that A. will actually suffer through a horribly rough draft B. Wont steal your shit and C. Will provide useful and honest feedback on your writing style, story line, and character development?
BTW. I am not a metal fan by any means. Nor a country fan. Like I said before, I find vocals to be extremely distracting. I stick with classical relaxation music in the background and currently would appreciate a good “muse” in the form of music but have yet to find that medium. I can, however, appreciate your insight on the subject. Thank you for sharing your playlist.



Hi Dacia,


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