I blame death for my disappearance

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Waiting, wanting embrace, touch
Eyes at the never opening door
Movement has ceased, air is still
Blamed stare, ransacked store
with million days, a moment is a year,
incessant tears, eyes tired and sore
you wait, and wait and wait and wait
first love longing, then hate and hate
why taking so long, such pain to bear
heart keep calling, why don’t you hear

I hear it loud, I hear it clear
I reach, beseech for you my dear
simple inconvenience with señor Azrael
came out of nowhere caught my throat
a fight broke, a tiff of sort
he punched my soul, stopped my heart
now body in a morgue, soul aimless wander
heavens bound, he wants me to surrender
I will not leave! without seeing you
a hug, a kiss, a good bye too
my lifeless heart still beats for you
my love is pure, my love is true

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Skunky BooBoo


TonTon races to watch whichever animal I am pointing the camera at. He is not waiting for instructions like Boo does though. Ton’s job is to find them and then watch them. This is his self appointed job. The animals are so used to him flitting in fast and close that they pay him no mind at all.

Without me cosciously realising it, he moves so fast; he is in about all my shots yesterday. You can see Lady looking behind me in this shot – she is looking at Boo. The animals pay all their attention to BooBoo. His job is to move them and they definitely move when they get him behind them. 

Lady Astors milk has come clean again though her udder is still a strange shape – I think there is swelling there.  And it is definitely longer. She has ligament trouble. There is a possibility…

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Beta Readers, The Do’s and Don’ts

James Harrington's Blog of Geek and Writing

Hey Jim,

I swear I don’t stalk your blog. It is just refreshing to see a familiar face everyday. (Someone that posts consistently)
Maybe you have done a segment on this..
What is your take on Beta readers? How do you find a Beta reader that A. will actually suffer through a horribly rough draft B. Wont steal your shit and C. Will provide useful and honest feedback on your writing style, story line, and character development?
BTW. I am not a metal fan by any means. Nor a country fan. Like I said before, I find vocals to be extremely distracting. I stick with classical relaxation music in the background and currently would appreciate a good “muse” in the form of music but have yet to find that medium. I can, however, appreciate your insight on the subject. Thank you for sharing your playlist.



Hi Dacia,


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Spain’s Constitutional Court Has Suspended Catalonia’s Independence Vote

Truth Troubles


Spain’s Constitutional Court Has Suspended Catalonia’s Independence Vote

Sep 07, 2017

(MADRID) — Spain’s constitutional court on Thursday suspended the call for a referendum on Catalonia’s independence after agreeing to review an appeal by central authorities in Madrid.

The move was widely expected after Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that the government was challenging both a controversial law meant to legitimize the independence vote and a decree signed Wednesday by the regional Catalan government summoning voters for the Oct. 1 ballot.

The reaction to the court’s decision by leaders in Catalonia, a prosperous region in northeastern Spain, also didn’t come as a surprise. Carles Puigdemont, the regional president and one of the main promoters of the referendum, said that neither central Spanish authorities nor the courts could halt their plans.

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The Neighborhood

The mission of CITIES is simple: provide an online, across the board medium of social engagement. Competitive in nature, thought-provoking by design, entertaining in concept and a contributor to a more unified less divisional society, on some level in some way.


DAH Trump with
Never Look Back feat. Pearl


Anyone can make a move and everyone can take part, without ever knowing who your teammates are. Most games or continuous online posts, zero in on individual performances. But not this year, for it is the cities that are vying for 2017 City of the Year.

based on the Weekly Top 10 Cities…
31 have qualified, but only room for 25

the knock-out round

Answer a random question, and your City staves off elimination. Honor a hometown hero, and eliminate your closest competitor. Beginning October 15, the top 10 remaining cities square off in weekly challenges, with public voters making the…

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