It’s been too long…

Railside Adventures

It has been a really long time since I’ve posted anything here.  At this point, I’ve moved primarily to Facebook to post pictures and videos, with an occasional video going to YouTube.  Even though I’m in college now, I’ll still try to post something here every now and then, maybe once a month.  On that note, here’s my latest video, shot at the Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific!

Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific Railroad

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Crossfunctional Power Plant Dysfunction

Power Plant Men

The coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma had gone from 360 employees in 1987 down to 124 employees on August 1, 1994 after the second downsizing.  Monday morning when we arrived at work, the maintenance department met in the main break room to be told how we were going to survive the loss of 100 employees.  With only 7 electricians left, I kept trying to add up on my fingers how we could possibly keep up with all the work we had to do.

Jasper Christensen stood up and after saying that he understood how we must feel about our present situation, he told us that we will have to each work harder.  I shook my head in disbelief (inside my head only… I didn’t really shake my head, as it was frozen with the same blank stare everyone else was wearing).  I knew we weren’t going to be…

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Placement and pain

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

your coloured blanket
still lies at the same place
years have passed
unable to remove
you or your blanket
from its rightful place
heart of the room or
Soul of mine
still feel the warmth
of your blanket and you
Life is fickle, death is true
still, why it has to so cruel


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