Labor Day – Lessons

Great story…..sounds like my past too!

No Facilities

The headquarters of Airborne Freight in 1978

I began working for Airborne Freight as a “Methods Analyst” in 1978. My job was to find ways to improve business processes. As the new guy, I was given the job of planning the implementation of a computer system that had been designed by one of the senior analysts. The goal of the system was to centralize the printing and mailing of invoices from all over the country, in Airborne’s home office in Seattle, Washington.

This was important because, although invoices were printed daily in the stations, the station staff was loath to stuff them into envelopes and mail them. If you don’t send an invoice, you don’t get paid. In some cases, invoices would sit for weeks. Centralizing the printing, stuffing and sending in Seattle could cut that down to two days. The fact that it was two days was important, and…

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