Fashionably Four Eyes: Part Two

I own 5 pair of glasses!

Live In The Nautical

“I can’t think without my glasses.” ~ Vivienne Westwood

IMG_2975Fashionably Four Eyes: Part One 

A year ago June, I wrote a piece that went viral which not only shocked me (it is always interesting to me, what wins the post popularity contest) but even appalled my sense of vanity since a whole-lotta people saw me in my glasses. No, not cool 007 shades, but my specs with supped up special lenses, which while they bless my lil eyes with eyesight, are so thick, you can’t tell what color my eyes are!


I have been “Four Eyes” since I was six years old. It could have been my super hero moniker complete with some cool laser shooting action like Cyclone from X-Men. Creation of super hero aside, I unlike a lot of my friends who look amazing with glasses have abhorred mine, Thankfully due to enough begging and a skating career…

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