Tesla Technology Put To Use In L.A. Tunnel Project


Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is known for its electric cars, batteries, and solar panel innovations, but its drivetrain technology is also being put to use in an unexpected place: underground.

CEO Elon Musk’s pet project, The Boring Company, is using Tesla technology to help dig test tunnels in Los Angeles:

After several announcements of upcoming large scale projects, like a network of tunnels under Los Angeles and an underground hyperloop between New York and Washington DC, the company is now presenting its R&D tunnel project underneath Hawthorne.

They plan to test boring techniques in the tunnel as well as Tesla’s autonomous driving and powertrain technologies on electric platforms to move vehicles.

In April, Musk’s new startup took delivery of their first boring machine and started digging in the parking lot of SpaceX’s headquarters.

Musk has described The Boring Company’s purpose as solving “the problem of soul-destroying traffic.” What began as a…

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Metrolink: Much To Praise, Much Still To Fix.


By Noel T. Braymer

A current Metrolink Route map also showing LA Metro transit rail lines. The white line shows the Pacific Surfliner route operated by Amtrak.

Over the last 2 years or so there has been much to praise about Metrolink. New Tier 4 low emission Metrolink Locomotives will soon be in service. This promises to improve on time performance and quality of service. Starting this summer Metrolink has been expanding instead of reducing service on holiday weekends. This is a first step for attracting more discretionary travel on Metrolink and increasing badly needed revenue. Getting people to ride for a first time will hopefully lead to more people riding Metrolink regularly. Not that long ago breakdowns with the ticketing machines which are over 20 years old was a constant problem. Since then in record time Metrolink under new management introduced on line ticketing which even Amtrak already had…

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Things we wish would come to NYC in our wildest dreams



Every night, as we stare out at the evening sky from behind the barred windows of our tiny basement apartment, we wish upon a star that one of these beautiful things—from mythical subway line extensions to secret Times Square detours—might one day come to New York. Sure, that star is probably a delayed flight heading to our local third world airport and, sure, there’s not the slightest chance that any of these things will ever actually materialize. But still. A New Yorker can dream.

1. Build a tunnel under Times Square that only NYC residents can use.

2. Extend the 2 train to Jacob Riis Park. We love riding the waves all summer long at the People’s Beach at Riis Park, but we hate getting there. Those buses get way too crowded, and who wants to ride their bike after getting sunburned? Extend the 2 several miles down Flatbush…

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