HYPERLOOP Release Dates and Other Rumors


Some News from TechRadar

Elon Musk is without a doubt one of the most exciting future-gazers of the moment. He’s working on making domestic space travel a reality with his SpaceX project, and he’s making electric cars cool with Tesla, while with Neuralink he’s looking to get brain-computer interfaces implanted into all of our brains to supplement human intelligence with machine developments. Seriously.

So when he published a white paper on transport (seemingly fueled by rage against the rail system being developed for Los Angeles), the engineering world took notice. The paper was about a ‘new’ method of transportation called Hyperloop, which would make possible human transportation at more than 760 miles per hour.

The hyperloop would manage this feat by transporting us in pods through depressurised tubes, rather like the pneumatic tubes used for transporting mail. Now, this technology obviously isn’t new, and Musk is the first to admit…

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