Hyperloop Gets More Real Every Time We Test


This piece first appeared in Hyperloop’s blog.

Josh Giegel and Shervin Pishevar are co-founders of Hyperloop One.

All views expressed are those of the authors.

GE Ventures is an investor in Hyperloop One.

Hyperloop One has been grabbing headlines with the latest test of its high-speed pod, but America’s fastest locomotive nearly matched its blistering pace more than 50 years ago.

On a clear day in July 1966, New York Central Railroad engineer Don Wetzel and his team boarded a specially modified Buddliner railcar, No. M-497. Bolted to the roof above them were two GE J47-19 jet engines. Wetzel throttled up the engines and tore down a length of track from Butler, Indiana, to Stryker, Ohio, at almost 184 mph, piloting the experimental vehicle into the record books as the world’s fastest jet-powered train. Today, the M-497 still holds America’s speed record. It’s also the world’s fastest self-propelled locomotive.

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ANTONIO SANCHEZ » Three Times Three

Jazz You Too

Three time three, three trios, 9 tracks, 3 pieces each formation – so much to listen to … – deep listeming in August.

Antonio Sanchez ( Drums )
Joe Lovano ( Tenor Sax )
John Patitucci ( Acoustic And Electric Bass )
Matt Brewer ( Acoustic And Electric Basses )
Brad Mehldau ( Piano )
John Scofield ( Guitar )
Christian McBride ( Electric And Acoustic Bass )

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Talk of a 2020 run for president? First Cuomo must deal with 2018


All those newspapers in New York City and it takes the Watertown Daily Times (a day-long trip from New York City) to put the current subway troubles in perspective.

Read this article…..(and Mr. Cuomo too)

They summed everything up better than I could!

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