Time Flows By


Live Your Dreams 24/7

It was a petty fight but I didn’t talk to him, waiting for him to beg forgiveness. He tried but it just wasn’t enough for me and I didn’t talk to him for a whole week. Everything came back to normal later but not everything.

A few months ago I lost him to cancer; he closed his eyes that night to never see the daylight again…

Today when I sit alone going through the old memories, that week comes back to haunt and taunt me. 7 long days spent not talking to him. 168 hours of silence. 10,080 minutes wasted in fake anger. 604,800 seconds I breathed without him.

I had so much time to be by his side, feel his warm skin against mine and brush my lips against his. But anger snatched those precious moments from me and now I can’t go back and live it all over…

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