Restoring Gulf Coast Passenger service and current Atlantic Coast Florida service


Commentary by Anthony Lee and Photos by the author

The Florida state capitol city, Tallahassee, has not seen Amtrak train service since 2005, but the train station remains ready for train and/or bus passengers. It is located near the capitol building and the university

Upgrading the Current Gulf Coast service 

After reviewing the Gulf Commission’s report, some growth things should have been considered, or were not mentioned or discussed:

1)  New thruway bus services and/or extending Amtrak’s Sunset Limited to Miami and the Palmetto to Jacksonville or Miami.

2)  Adding Thruway bus service on the former Floridian route from Nashville (1.8 million),  Birmingham (1.1 million),  Dothan, (68,000), and Montgomery, (200,000) in Alabama, and Valdosta (56,000), Georgia.  The new Amtrak/Greyhound station in Birmingham could be used to connect with the Sunset Ltd at Tallahassee.

3)  Add Thruway buses connecting Jacksonville,FL (1.6 million) and Atlanta,GA (5.7 million) with  the Silver Service at Jacksonville,FL, using…

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