Bullying is a happening everywhere. It is a nationwide issue that has to be stopped. Acts of bullying is still increasing in the Asian world and it is taking its place through different countries with Malaysia being one of them. Statistic shows that a high percentage of kids being bullied at schools that reached 64%, now this is an alarming issue.

How do you identity if you are a victim of BULLYING?

  • Any act that cause any person harm or leaves the person feeling powerless with no ability to defend himself, that’s a bully.
  • An actions that cause emotional pain – from spreading rumors, to intentional exclusion, to physical abuse. 

Bullying is both a symptom and a cause of a socially unsupportive environment. Bullying has a negative impact on everyone including the bully itself, the target, the people who witness it and anyone else who is connected to it.

Adults may…

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