It's All In Perception

Just when i thought vacation would be good for my creativity and imagination; i sit down to write, and i think the opposite might be true!  My imagination seems to be in fine working order, and that leads to creativity, i know – but my thoughts are all a-jumble.

I can picture a flying bathtub, a clawfoot of course. But – where shall it go?  Plus, a tub has no wings!  Fill it with water and lots of bubbles, and it’s pretty heavy to boot!  Loads heavier than a magic carpet!  And does the roof open up so it can fly away?  What if the tub is on the first story of a house.. not the second?  Logistics, you know?!  And the person in said tub is likely naked. What about clothes for the journey?  How to plan for the weather, especially if it’s a surprise trip. One cannot pack…

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