After day of subway hell, De Blasio takes the 7 train


The Mayor is on the 7 Train.

A tipster spotted de Blasio at around 5:45 p.m. today, onboard a “very crowded” Queens-bound train at the Bryant Park platform. This was in the midst of today’s evening commute madness.
De Blasio has been spotted on the train a few times of late, notably on an uptown C train in June. After that appearance, his office told the Times the Mayor rode the subway in April.

On one hand, these subway photo-ops are pandering to a delay-weary constituency. On the other, that constituency is nearly 5.7 million strong. If those people—your voters—are suffering, shouldn’t you try and share their pain?

Which brings us to the elected official who can actually do a great deal to improve subway service: Governor Andrew Cuomo. He and the mayor were both at a rally to defend the Affordable Care Act earlier on Monday afternoon, but it…

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What is Hyperloop and will it be the future of transport?


The futuristic transport system Hyperloop has come a long way since entrepreneur Elon Musk proposed a “fifth mode of transport” in 2012. The concept, in which commuters are whisked through a tube at speeds in excess of 700mph, has developed rapidly with inventors and investors giving their backing.

While it may have seemed like fantasy, and there are still lots of reasons to be skeptical about this “future of transport”, plans for Hyperloop and the companies behind it are making progress towards their first operational tunnels.

But what is a Hyperloop? Why does Musk back the idea? Who are the companies pushing the tech? Read on to get beyond the hype and see if you are a Hyperloop believer.

What is Hyperloop and how does it work?

Hyperloop is a proposed system of transport that would see pods or containers travel at high speeds through a tube that has…

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