Roundtrip to San Bernardino with Lunch for $17.01! (With Pictures By Author)


By Noel T. Braymer

Now that I have my weekends free, I am taking full advantage of Metrolink’s weekend day pass. For 10 dollars anyone can travel anywhere Metrolink goes to on the weekends for a day. This includes transit transfers to the same transit services a Metrolink ticket gives you during the work week. During the 4th of July weekend I decided to go to San Bernardino to check out the route and see the finished work at the San Bernardino Station of the new run through station tracks, platforms and pedestrian bridge across the station tracks. It was a busy and very productive trip.

I caught the first weekend Metrolink train to Los Angeles out of Oceanside. I also checked out the construction work at the station. The new third track and platform is now in service. Now they are tearing out the original platform from 1984 on…

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