Hey NYC: Here Are Some Ideas for Fixing Your Busted Subway


Finally somebody has WIREDin with ideas for NY City Subway!

What has befallen the New York City subway in the past few years—climbing ridership and plummeting on-time performance—is like a bad stomach bug. It is nigh impossible to track down the exact culprit.
Is it the system’s funding structure, dependent on a state house more interested in cutting taxes for upstate constituencies? The constant maintenance issues, compounded by 24-hour service that leaves little time to work? Or perhaps it’s the 100-year-old signal system that prevents the city from running more trains on the 665-mile network?
Yes, yes, yes, and so much more. The good news, however, is that transit systems around the world have cracked many of these tricky questions, and they offer lessons for the Big Apple’s battered one. So New York, time to crack the books.

Paris: Learning to Grow
Once you find your way into the…

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