Hey NYC: Here Are Some Ideas for Fixing Your Busted Subway


Finally somebody has WIREDin with ideas for NY City Subway!

What has befallen the New York City subway in the past few years—climbing ridership and plummeting on-time performance—is like a bad stomach bug. It is nigh impossible to track down the exact culprit.
Is it the system’s funding structure, dependent on a state house more interested in cutting taxes for upstate constituencies? The constant maintenance issues, compounded by 24-hour service that leaves little time to work? Or perhaps it’s the 100-year-old signal system that prevents the city from running more trains on the 665-mile network?
Yes, yes, yes, and so much more. The good news, however, is that transit systems around the world have cracked many of these tricky questions, and they offer lessons for the Big Apple’s battered one. So New York, time to crack the books.

Paris: Learning to Grow
Once you find your way into the…

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Roundtrip to San Bernardino with Lunch for $17.01! (With Pictures By Author)


By Noel T. Braymer

Now that I have my weekends free, I am taking full advantage of Metrolink’s weekend day pass. For 10 dollars anyone can travel anywhere Metrolink goes to on the weekends for a day. This includes transit transfers to the same transit services a Metrolink ticket gives you during the work week. During the 4th of July weekend I decided to go to San Bernardino to check out the route and see the finished work at the San Bernardino Station of the new run through station tracks, platforms and pedestrian bridge across the station tracks. It was a busy and very productive trip.

I caught the first weekend Metrolink train to Los Angeles out of Oceanside. I also checked out the construction work at the station. The new third track and platform is now in service. Now they are tearing out the original platform from 1984 on…

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Great History from Mark Tomlonson


Highlights of Marc Tomlonson’s great days in NY Central History.

July 5, 1915 The New York Central sells the Nickel Plate to the van Swearingen brothers. NYC fears that because much of NKP’s track parallels NYC’s, NYC could be liable for prosecution under anti-trust laws. Read a great story on the Van Swearingen Brothers.

July 3, 1948 The New York Central issues a report that only 20 per cent of its long-distance passenger trains are diesel powered, but the number is expected to rise to 50% by year’s end. By August 1953, steam was out of Lines East. NY Central moved fast. May 2, 1957 Last steam locomotive operates on the New York Central as 2-8-2 Class H -7a 1977 drops its fires at Riverside Yard in Cincinnati.

June 30, 1908 Last day steam trains could legally operate south of the Harlem River in New York City.


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Select trains will use Grand Central Terminal this summer


In Amtrak’s efforts to continue providing you with a safe and reliable travel experience, Amtrak® is accelerating already scheduled work to strengthen and improve operations at New York Penn Station during the summer. The Infrastructure Renewal program will advance several years of already planned work to improve conditions of tracks, switches, and other infrastructure at Penn Station into less than two months.

Along with the previously announced service adjustments, the work will require three northbound and three southbound Empire Service® trains to/from Albany to use Grand Central Terminal [NYG] instead of New York Penn Station [NYP]. This change will affect schedules on weekdays from July 10 through September 1, 2017. If you are traveling on Empire Service trains via Grand Central Terminal this summer, here are a few things to keep in mind:

I am guessing that some AMD110s will be re-equipped with under-running third-rail shoes for the service.

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