Fourth of July

Being a PATRIOT is more than TWEETING

Pacific Paratrooper

 Red Skelton is amazing here – Please watch and have a happy and safe 4th of July!!

God Bless Our Troops


When this is over
And we come home again,
Forget the band
And cheers from the stand;
Just have the things
Well in hand –
The things we fought for.

                                                                                 _____Pfc C.G. Tiggas



He’s only a sailor on the boundless deep,
Under foreign skies and tropical heat.
Only a sailor on the rolling deep,
In summer rain and winter sleet.


Remember when it was popular to be patriotic?  We had fun back then!!

Parades and picnics!!

Even the…

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Last Steam On NY Central Lines East


THE TWENTY-FIVE Niagaras of this type were almost the last steam locomotives to be purchased by the New York Central. Built in 1945 and 1946, the S1’s were designed as dual-purpose engines (from

The Centrals last steam run in New York state was on August 7, 1953 with locomotive No. 6020 taking train #185 out of Harmon. Employees Timetable, No. 71 from the Mohawk and Hudson Divisions dated Sunday, April 29, 1951 lists Train 185 as a MILK TRAIN with a footnote stating “Will not carry passengers”. Train 185 was a New York – Utica milk train that ran via Rensselaer Yard. It departed Croton at 10.50 a.m. My Electric Division and New York Terminal District Time Table shows No. 185 originating at 60th Street on the NYTD.

On hand in Utica were many to see the event. Included were NY Central Paymaster Ken Knapp and his young…

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