‘YELLOW OVER RED SIGNAL FOR NEW AMTRAK CEO RICHARD ANDERSON” (Approach Prepared to Stop at the Next Signal Which Could be Red)


By M.E. Singer

In respect to the signal system of America’s railroads, a “yellow over red” caveat is issued here to the incoming CEO of Amtrak, Mr. Richard Anderson, in respect to the persistence of the passenger train grunts who have not given up over the years, despite their competent input being ignored, including the well versed associations, such as RailPAC, and knowledgeable pundits, as myself.

For Amtrak to have a glimmer of hope, the CEO position requires a full-time officer, providing long-term stability and leadership to avoid merely keeping the seat warm for the next “Friend of the Potomac seeking temporary shelter; which by default, allows subordinate “lifer” levels of management to make, or avoid, decisions, based upon whose patronage appointee or protege they represent.

As CEO, you must tamp down and take with a grain of salt the internal political and institutional biases that have only achieved the potential…

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