It's All In Perception

Just when i thought vacation would be good for my creativity and imagination; i sit down to write, and i think the opposite might be true!  My imagination seems to be in fine working order, and that leads to creativity, i know – but my thoughts are all a-jumble.

I can picture a flying bathtub, a clawfoot of course. But – where shall it go?  Plus, a tub has no wings!  Fill it with water and lots of bubbles, and it’s pretty heavy to boot!  Loads heavier than a magic carpet!  And does the roof open up so it can fly away?  What if the tub is on the first story of a house.. not the second?  Logistics, you know?!  And the person in said tub is likely naked. What about clothes for the journey?  How to plan for the weather, especially if it’s a surprise trip. One cannot pack…

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Bullying is a happening everywhere. It is a nationwide issue that has to be stopped. Acts of bullying is still increasing in the Asian world and it is taking its place through different countries with Malaysia being one of them. Statistic shows that a high percentage of kids being bullied at schools that reached 64%, now this is an alarming issue.

How do you identity if you are a victim of BULLYING?

  • Any act that cause any person harm or leaves the person feeling powerless with no ability to defend himself, that’s a bully.
  • An actions that cause emotional pain – from spreading rumors, to intentional exclusion, to physical abuse. 

Bullying is both a symptom and a cause of a socially unsupportive environment. Bullying has a negative impact on everyone including the bully itself, the target, the people who witness it and anyone else who is connected to it.

Adults may…

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Sarah Brentyn – Guest Post

J. A. Allen

My life as an Introverted Writer

coffee-1848899_960_720.jpg I’m an introvert. Always have been.

I need time to recharge after major events. Hell, I need time to recharge after answering the door. (When I do. Sometimes I hide.)

I’m definitely not a people-person. It’s not that I don’t like people, just that I wish they wouldn’t come near me. Or talk to me. Or look at me.

Personal space, you know?

I’d say, instead of a social butterfly, I’m more of a social spider. Creeping away from commotion, scrunching into dark corners, hiding behind a web. (I completely just grossed myself out. I’m wicked arachnophobic and compared my people-skills to those nasty 8-legged critters. Now I’m itchy. I hope the analogy was worth it.)

When I was little, people used to be nice about my introverted nature and call me a “homebody.” Now it’s like, “Holy crap, woman. When’s the last time…

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The Cliff Notes™ Approach to Amtrak Marketing: The Airline-Style Seating Proposal


Why Amtrak Refuses to Know Its Market Position and to Learn from New Coke and Other Market Failures

By M.E. Singer

Amtrak Marketing In The Vacuum Of A Cul De Sac

Thankfully, the advocates and customers of Amtrak passenger trains can rely upon the commitment of U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) to quickly size-up and critically admonish Amtrak’s recent marketing lunges at innovating increased revenue opportunities.  So desperately seeking to increase revenues, without rationally understanding their product within their market position, is like watching Amtrak Marketing enact Don Quote attacking the windmills. The virtual lack of any definition and explanation of what is proposed with airline-style seats, on what trains and corridors, and time of introduction evidences how Amtrak Marketing is still going by the book–the abbreviated version of Marketing by Cliff Notes™ Although Amtrak senior leadership is undergoing another passing of the baton, where is the stewardship of the…

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Elon Musk: I got ‘verbal’ approval for 29-minute NYC-to-DC hyperloop


Billionaire innovator Elon Musk said he has “verbal” government approval to build an ultra-high-speed underground rail system in the Northeast, offering hope to travelers overwhelmed by mass-transit failures despite skepticism about such an ambitious project.

In a series of tweets that might not be taken seriously if they came from any other corporate executive, Musk flummoxed the transportation industry with claims that he is pursuing a network that would whisk passengers from New York City to Washington, D.C. in 29 minutes.

Transit experts say that gargantuan costs and prodigious bureaucratic hurdles would make such a plan extremely difficult to pull off.

I guess our corporation (The Muhammad Ali Hyperlink) plus our record in the rail industry will sort of qualify us as a “transit expert”. We have designed a “HYPERLOOP” that is very “budget conscious”: follows an Interstate highway from Louisville to Gary, Indiana. Did not know a cost-effective tunneling…

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Step One Toward Fixing the Subway: Be Honest


Streetsblog NYC

Governor Cuomo won’t get far if the MTA isn’t candid about the subway’s problems and what it will take to fix them.

The New York City subway is not in good shape. High-profile breakdowns and a tangible increase in severe delays have brought widespread attention to years of decline in service levels. Train breakdowns are on the rise, and service is slowing down. After a long period of growth, subway ridership recently stalled and appears to be declining in 2017 despite the opening of the Second Avenue Subway.

The MTA has for the most part been running on autopilot. Senior management tries to avoid taking responsibility, and planners are afraid of doing or saying anything that would invite scrutiny from the media or their superiors.

This paralysis is accompanied and enabled by a lack of candor about what is going on. Some of the subway slowdowns involve slow…

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