6 Ice Creams and a Burrito: A Lower East Side Ice Cream Tour

Mary in Manhattan

I did a DIY ice cream tour on the Lower East Side last week with a few people, in which we stuffed our faces with 6 different ice cream creations and then ended up at RPM bar for a bloated shuffleboard contest.

ice cream new york cityTwo of my tour guests were some of my favorite people in the world, but are actually the meanest and most sarcastic people you’ll ever meet. So naturally, I had to invite them and then make them write about their take on the whole event. Also, they complained that they hadn’t had any space to write on my blog since Scott’s corner.

ice cream tour Scott & Lauren… maniacal jerks

Below you’ll see my positively optimistic outlook on the ice cream tour, the delicious flavors and the seamless commute from one to the other. This will be mixed with my BFF Lauren’s unnecessarily raunchy and crotchety take, and my BF Scott’s…

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