Lehigh Valley Railroad Was Important In New York State


Most of us do not realize that the Lehigh Valley Railroad crossed NY State.

Yes, it was important in New York City. It owned the Starret-Lehigh Building.

But it’s flagship passenger train the Black Diamond; cut right through the state.

From 1896 until 1959 the flagship passenger train on the Lehigh Valley Railroad was the Black Diamond Express. Before there were commercial air routes, the fastest way to get from New York City to Buffalo was by train.

The Lehigh Valley Railroad was one of several anthracite coal railroads that arose in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York in the 1850s. In the next few decades the Lehigh Valley acquired several “short lines.” In 1892, the Lehigh Valley secured its own direct route between the Atlantic seaboard and Buffalo on Lake Erie, giving the railroad direct access to the Great Lakes as an expanding market for its Pennsylvania coal.

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What Boston’s South Station was up in terms of number of trains in 2005


Amtrak to NY & DC 34

1st District (Needham, Franklin, Attleboro/Prov., Stoughton 132

Via 2nd Dist. incl. some Stoughton & Franklin plus Dorchester Br. Locals 49

Old Colony 56

B&A to Worc. & Fram. 41

Lake Shore Ltd. 2

Total = 314 – weekday

And it is growing too!

When the restored Greenbush Line opens at the end of next year, you can add 12 more round trips.

Worcester gets it’s 10 more round trips, as currently being negotiated.

When Fall River/New Bedford opens

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